Help create solutions for just, healthy and climate-friendly neighbourhoods!

As we speak, the City of Ottawa is working on a new Official Plan. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a better city – one that fights sprawl while ensuring accessible transit, building walkable neighbourhoodsand helping Ottawans transition away from the car.   

We can build a healthier and more inclusive city – but we need your help to get thereJoin us and various community partners on Saturday, February 22 for ‘Just Healthy Neighbourhoods,’ our second community-wide workshop focused on Ottawa’s new Official Plan. Individuals and organizations from across the city – from downtown to the rural wards – are invited to generate targeted solutions that build better neighbourhoods through intensification of the urban area.

This workshop sets the stage for a critically important vote on March 30, where council will decide on whether to expand Ottawa’s urban boundary. A vote to expand will have massive negative impacts on local climate action, greenspace protection, transit and other issues. We know we must intensify – the challenge is doing it right. Help chart the path to just, healthy neighbourhoods for Ottawa.  

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Space is limited and the last event filled up quickly. A vegetarian, low-waste lunch will be provided.

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