(Edited on March 12)

On May 4, city council will be deciding on the fate of our urban boundary. This may be the most important and long-lasting climate decision council will make this term. We need your help to fight climate change, protect our city’s greenspaces, and rein in costly urban sprawl. 


  1. We are currently organizing meetings between your neighbours and your city councillorEmail our volunteer leader Isaac to meet with your city councillor and express your concerns. Now, more than ever, your help is needed to persuade council to make the right choice. 
  2. Go online and use our simple tool to help you reach out to your city councillor by email or phone. Your voice is the most important voice in this fight! As a constituent, councillors value what you have to say. 
  3. Sign the petition! We now have more than 2,500 signatures, but this is not enough. If we hope to convince the city that our voices should be heard, we want to hit at least 3,500 signatures before May 4. There are only a few weeks to go!

Your voice matters! Take action now and to make Ottawa a greener city for generations to come. 

Emilie, Isaac, Liza, Erik, Velta, Léa, Elise, Robb and the entire Ecology Ottawa team

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