Making a Difference with Data

Whenever someone asks me what my job entails, and I follow-up excitedly saying ‘data management’, I see their eyes gloss over as all hope of an interesting conversation fades. What many of my friends and colleagues fail to recognize is the vital importance that data management has to keep an organization like Ecology Ottawa running.

A functioning data management system is essential to the foundation of Ecology Ottawa. It provides the information and knowledge that runs our organization and is ultimately one major step in having a holistic system. All data is important data; and how it is managed is important to keep systems relevant, accurate and clean. Failure to properly handle data efficiently can be catastrophic to systems, and more importantly, to the organization as a whole. Thus, data management procedures must be put in place to enhance and protect data quality and the information it provides.

The importance of data may exceed one’s expectations when they realize how much it does. The quality of data is stressed as good data works in the betterment of the health and functionality of Ecology Ottawa. For instance, having good data allows for quick, efficient and more direct communication between staffers, volunteers, and the supporters of Ecology Ottawa. It also eases the tribunals of planning as it provides an insight into different variables. The accessibility of good data does tremendous work in increasing organizational efficiency as it provides quick information which aids in decision making.
Therefore, by having good data, the by-product of it is that the Ecology Ottawa team has more time to work on directly improving the ecological conditions of Ottawa.

I know that without data management, Ecology Ottawa would struggle to make real change on a daily bases and in the long run. It’s for this reason that I am so excited to share with others that my job entails data management. I know I’m making a difference, by enabling Ecology Ottawa to make a difference.



Please click here if you would like to be a part of our Ecology Ottawa data team!

This post was written by Raymond Aust - Ecology Ottawa Intern

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