Ecology Ottawa and local community groups partner on three environment debates as part of Canada-wide initiative

OTTAWA – Ecology Ottawa has partnered with local community groups and community associations to launch three riding-level all-candidates’ debates on environmental issues in the run-up to this fall’s federal election.

Ecology Ottawa will join:

  • First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa for a debate in Ottawa West—Nepean on Wednesday, September 8 at 6pm;
  • MD Moms for a Healthy Recovery for a debate in Kanata—Carleton on Thursday, September 9 at 6pm; and
  • For Our Kids, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Lowertown Community Association and Vanier Community Association for a debate in Ottawa—Vanier on Thursday, September 9 at 8pm.

All three debates will focus on local and national environmental issues, and will be conducted as part of the nation-wide ‘100 Debates for the Environment’ initiative from GreenPAC.

“With the twin threats of climate change and biodiversity loss escalating worldwide, federal environmental leadership is more important than ever this election,” said Robb Barnes, Executive Director of Ecology Ottawa. “We need to hear from area candidates on how they will take action to build a more sustainable Ottawa, and how they will tie local initiatives to national ambition.”

“The First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa has recognized the dire threat of climate change and are currently in the middle of a four-year congregational focus on the issue.” Said Mike Fletcher, Chair of First Unitarian’s Environmental Action Group. “Collective action through our government is vitally important to addressing environmental issues and we look forward to hearing how candidates in Ottawa West – Nepean will address this, protecting the web of existence.”

“The World Health Organization has identified climate change as the single biggest threat to human health and if we don’t act now, our childrens’ futures are in jeopardy,” said Brianna McKelvie, pediatric intensive care physician with MD Moms for a Health Recovery. “Already in Canada we are seeing over 15,000 people die every year from air pollution. Hundreds died this summer in unprecedented heat waves, and wildfires burnt a whole town to the ground. We need to hear from our candidates how they are going to address the climate emergency and prevent the devastating health consequences.”

All three debates will be held virtually via Zoom, with additional details below:  



100 Debates: Ottawa West—Nepean All-Candidates’ Debate on the Environment

100 Debates: Kanata—Carleton All-Candidates’ Debate on the Environment

100 Debates: Ottawa—Vanier All-Candidates’ Debate on the Environment

Date / time

Wednesday, September 8, 6pm to 8pm

Thursday, September 9, 6pm to 7:45pm

Thursday, September 9, 8pm to 9pm


Invitations sent to:

·         Jennifer Jennekens (Conservative)

·         Sean Mulligan (Christian Heritage)

·         David Stibbe (Green)

·         Anita Vandenbeld (Liberal)

·         David Yeo (PPC)

·         Yavar Hameed (NDP)

Invitations sent to:

·         Jennifer McAndrew (Conservative)

·         Melissa Coenraad (NDP)

·         Jenna Sudds (Liberal)

·         Scott Miller (PPC)

·         Jennifer Purdy (Green)

Invitations sent to:

·         Mona Fortier (Liberal)

·         Lyse-Pascale Inamuco (NDP)

·         Heidi Jensen (Conservative)

·         Christian Proulx (Green)

Link to Zoom event



For more information or to arrange an interview:

Robb Barnes, Executive Director, Ecology Ottawa
[email protected]

Mike Fletcher, Chair, Environmental Action Group, First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa
[email protected]

Brianna McKelvie, pediatric intensive care physician, MD Moms for a Healthy Recovery
[email protected]

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