A once-in-a-generation opportunity

Ottawa City Council declared a Climate Emergency in spring 2019. On May 11 and 12, 2020, the City will make a final decision on Ottawa’s urban boundary. The new Official Plan must be Ottawa’s climate emergency plan. Hold the Line is a necessary city-wide initiative to adequately respond to the Climate Emergency. 

Future development needs to reach 70% intensification (on currently developed land) and 30% greenfield development (on previously undeveloped land) within the current boundary. The new Official Plan ‘balanced’ proposal suggests 60% intensification and 40% greenfield development.

The new Official Plan is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the city to hold the line on sprawl by embedding strong intensification targets and ensuring that the urban boundary is not expanded. This will protect vast swaths of greenfield land – vital natural areas and farmland – for generations to come. 

Urban sprawl will promote car-centric development moving Ottawa further away from a sustainable future. Intensification will allow to improve current infrastructure and public transportation and will help build healthy fundament for future greener development.

Besides the obvious environmental consequences, city expansion has economic, social and health implications for the residents.

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The time is running out and the Planning Committee doesn’t seem to listen to our voice!

Here’s what you can do to help us stop urban sprawl in Ottawa:

If you chose to email your councillor, we strongly urge you to edit the automated message to make it more personal. Writing your own personalized email to your councillor would have a huge impact. 

This is definitely the most impactful way to express your concern. If you choose to call, try to make your call during office hours. Use the attached cheat sheet, if you need some help expressing your argument. 

We will be arranging face-to-face meetings with councillors. If you would like to speak with your councilor about the issue of urban sprawl, please reach out to our Political Organizer Isaac at [email protected]

So far we have met with Laura Dudas, Theresa Kavanagh, Rawlson King, Catherine McKenney, Jeff Leiper, and Scott Moffatt.

Our priority Council members moving forward are:

  • Jan Harder (Barrhaven)
  • Keith Egli (Knoxvale-Merivale)
  • Carol Anne Meehan (Gloucester-South Nepean)
  • Laura Dudas (Innes)
  • Glen Gower (Stitsville)
  • Scott Moffatt (Rideau-Goulbourn)
  • Alan Hubley (Kanata South)

Last but not the least, please reach out to your friends and colleagues, and share this message as much as you can. It is crucial that Ottawa residents are educated about the importance of the vote on May 12th!

Remember that you can influence the future of our city! It’s urgent to ACT NOW!

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