Otto’s BMW on Hunt Club to Pave Over a Pine Forest

Otto’s BMW on Hunt Club to Pave Over a Pine Forest 

In the midst of a climate emergency and devastating urban tree canopy loss in Ottawa, the City of Ottawa has approved the plan for Otto’s BMW dealership on Hunt Club to pave over 1.57 hectares of pine forest to make way for an extended parking lot. 

These types of developments only allow few to reap the benefits, despite strong disapproval from the surrounding community. Although the dealership has promised to plant three trees for every tree that is taken down, the net loss of the mature trees is significant, as mature pines will sequester more carbon than the saplings. For the decades it will take for these saplings to mature, the net loss of the existing trees is consequential. 

Ecology Ottawa is seeking residents to take action against the short-sightedness of Otto’s BMW dealership by signing Ecology Ottawa’s “Defend Our Trees'' petition. This petition seeks to protect Ottawa’s urban tree canopy and emphasize the importance of the Urban Forest Management Plan, which is at risk from budget cuts and other pressures. 


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