Q11 - Will you support the introduction of a user pay system for curbside residual waste collection, where residents pay for the bags or containers that they put out for collection, according to the actual level of service that they use?

Brandon Bay

Yes. I am particularly fond of Toronto's bin-size user pay program over bag tags, but I would support the concept no matter how council wanted to implement it.

Bernard Couchman

No, I have a better idea, you have to go to my website www.bernardcouchman.ca and you will see they great things I am doing for garbage and waste removal.

Nour Kadri

No. We will use an education based approach where people buy into our plans and adapt to new ways of handling residual waste.

Mike Maguire

No. This has been tried in many municipalities (including in parts of the old Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton) it resulted in so much garbage being thrown into ditches and fields that it was cancelled shortly afterwards. This is an unworkable proposal.

Param Singh

Yes. Residents already pay for garbage and recycling through their taxes. We cannot double dip. 

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