Q2 - Will you commit to no more extensions of the urban boundary, and support building more 15-minute neighborhoods throughout the City of Ottawa, not just in the urban core?

Brandon Bay

No. I am completely committed to building more 15-minute neighbourhoods. Complete communities are the very heart of my campaign. I also believe the city should be prioritizing intensifications, in particular of the giant strip mall parking lots filling our suburban landscape. 

However, I am not sure we can reasonably meet the expected growth of the city - 50% over the next 25 years - with a strict "no boundary expansion" policy. If we do expand the urban boundary, we need to do it carefully, sustainably, and only if we have exhausted all other options, but we may need to do it.

Bernard Couchman

No we can build better neighborhoods, this 15 minutes idea is 1955 idea way too old, we need communities that feed it self, not the other way around. We must take a topography view of our city when planning

Nour Kadri


Mike Maguire

No. I challenge the premise of the question - focusing only on CO2 ignores all the other heat trapping emissions that are caused by Industrial Wind Turbine manufacturing for instance. I do support fixing mass transit to make the city more livable but compelling everyone to live in densely packed communities will only drive up the prices and drive people outside the City. The idea is good but the recommended solution is unworkable.

Param Singh

Yes. For now. But we must take in account that Ottawa will grow by another 500 000 residents in the next 25 years. If the urban boundary is to grow, it will have to meet some very very strict guilines and we cannot  and will not do this at the expense of the environment or our greenspace.

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