Q3 - Will you commit to phasing out natural gas infrastructure and prioritize conservation and efficiency over new, renewed or expanded gas infrastructure?

Brandon Bay

Yes. I will note an exception for local waste-to-natural-gas production, as it is a great way to reduce landfill requirements while also powering our city. But I agree, we should not be purchasing any natural gas beyond what we can generate sustainably at home.

Bernard Couchman

No. Just like the busses vs the LRT, its not wise to shift people to one thing when we don't have a prove of concept yet. I would rather make the right decision at the time.

Nour Kadri

Yes. Over a long term plan.

Mike Maguire

No. Preventing the upgrade of the St. Laurent North pipeline was/is poorly thought out. 165K residences and businesses have been put at risk and there is no alternate solution in the short term. This was terribly irresponsible of the City to work against the best interests of the community and must be revisited immediately.

Param Singh

No. I do not have enough information on this topic to provide you with a fullsome answer.

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