Q4 - Will you commit to investing in energy efficient housing for lower income communities, and ensuring that the costs of retrofits are not passed down to tenants?

Brandon Bay

Yes. Ottawa Community Housing is leading the charge on this and doing an incredible job. I will continue to encourage and enable them however I can, and as they prove their success, push the commercial development industry to build in the same sustainable way.

Bernard Couchman

No. I don't like you tone, when it comes to you forcing candidates to commit to anything. Every elections you guys do this same thing, you ask candidates to commit and they do and they get in and they ignore the commitments. So what is more important, to tell you a lie or the truth. All I can do is what is on front of me.

Nour Kadri


Mike Maguire

No. The suggestion is unworkable, would drive rents sky high and make the city unlivable. The city can work with the province to ensure the building code strikes a balance between affordability and availability. The problem to be solved is to lower the cost of electricity rather than try to solve the symptoms of high cost electricity. This is why I oppose Energy Evolution - it will make electricity very expensive while making the service unreliable. Simplistic solutions are usually not solutions at all.

Param Singh

Yes. If the city can assist on this and ensure that all all residence are energy efficient, absolutely.

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