Q5 - Will you commit to prioritizing climate adaptation planning for the city, including measures to protect people, infrastructure and city services, and to ensure that the city's most vulnerable populations are supported during extreme climate events?

Brandon Bay


Bernard Couchman

No. My life style is all that I can show you, I will commit to being real to the environment, not your request, its not inclusive of all the people in Ottawa. My hope is my environmentalist life style will over flow in all that I do.

Nour Kadri


Mike Maguire

No. I agree with part of the proposed solution but I'm uncomfortable looking at Emergency Services through just the climate lens. There are many, many serious problems in the City of Ottawa and climate is just one. Present Mayor and Council have made climate their singular focus and the City is in deep trouble because of this.

Param Singh

Yes. Because it's the right thing to do.

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