Q6 - Will you commit to building a public transit system that is rapid, reliable, affordable and accessible for all users, with proper transit routes within rural, suburban and lower income communities?

Brandon Bay

Yes. I believe we should move toward fare-free service and would work to do that in my first term. This will require significant improvements to the system, but we are not in a position where that is impossible; it is just difficult and must be made a priority.

Bernard Couchman

Yes, but not what you are asking. I have some thing better at www.bernardcouchman.ca.

Nour Kadri


Mike Maguire

Yes. {Finally, something we can agree on}. You've got the $'s wrong though. LRT 1&2 are closer to $8.5B when the cost of borrowing is factored in. So, yes, a working public transit system for the entire City and that includes re-using existing rail for commuter rail service expansion and restoring bus service on routes that never should have been cancelled.

Param Singh

Yes. Because Ottawa deserves a World Class Transit system

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