Q7 - Will you commit to an active transit network with interconnected and protected bike lanes and multi-use paths City-wide (not just in the downtown core)?

Brandon Bay


Bernard Couchman

Yes. You will find all your answer at www.bernardcouchman.ca on my expansive transit plan.

Nour Kadri

Yes. Did not provide a long answer to this question. 

Mike Maguire

Yes. Qualified 'yes' to this - it's impractical to bike in the winter and, Ottawa is a huge city. There have to be trade-offs where cost and geography are challenges. I bike roughly 80 kms a week so I'm keenly aware of the challenges around cycling in Ottawa. As for the other transit methods - again, qualified 'yes'...but it's all got to be seen from a lens of the budget. There are limits to how aggressive Ottawa can be with tax dollars.

Param Singh

Yes, but not over 4 years. We must take out time and make sure we are building a system that will be reliable, affordable and connect everyone citywide.

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