Q9 - Will you prioritize the conservation of existing greenspace, as well as biodiversity on both city and privately owned lands by amending the property standards by-law, as well as increasing targets for and allocating more funds towards naturalization?

Brandon Bay

Yes. Naturalized lawns are an excellent way for individual residents to improve the environment we live in. We should be actively encouraging it wherever possible, instead of sending bylaw officers to force people to remove their natural gardens.

Bernard Couchman

Yes. Take a look at my website www.bernardcouchman.ca and you will find all that I am supporting.

Nour Kadri


Mike Maguire

No. I can't find a source for your claim of 700 and 60. Also, there is already effective federal legislation that covers this subject (Species at Risk Act). Also, how, in a practical sense, do you propose that this be done? Sorry to be controversial but these questions are so slanted that it's difficult to provide a neutral answer.

Param Singh

Yes. I cannot provide you with a fullsome answer on this either, as I need to do some research and learn more about this. I do believe in the preservation and conservation of ixisting greenspaces as well as the biodiversity.

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