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How to Take Action on Electric School Buses

There are many ways that you can help with the transition to electric school buses.



Read our report and watch our webinar

Read our report and watch our webinar with Dr Laura Minet from the Clean Air Lab at the University of Victoria discussing transportation related emissions and Dr Eugenie Waters from the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Ontario Regional Committee, to learn more and find out more on how you can help.

Download our Report Watch our webinar See the Slides Share our Infographic


Sign our petition

You can also sign our petition calling on Ottawa and Ontario to work together and act decisively to go electric for all city school buses.

Sign the Petition


Write to your Councillor and MPP

Write to your City Councillor, MPP, using our one-click template here.

Write to your MPP

You can also arrange to speak to your councillor in person so that you know that you are serious about the health and climate impacts of diesel exhaust.


Make a delegation to your School Board

For parents and students who want to make a delegation to your School Board, here is a template delegation which you can use as your starting point!

School Board Delegation


Together, we can make it clear to our elected officials that our diesel buses must be replaced when they reach end of life, for the sake of our children's health, and for the sake of our planet.

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