Thin ice, brought to you by Enbridge

This has been one of the warmest winters on record in the National Capital Region – for the first time ever, the Rideau Canal Skateway won’t open, and ice sculptures melted in the streets during Ottawa’s beloved Winterlude festival. Winter sports keep us healthy and happy, but fossil-fuelled climate change is melting the snow and ice they depend on. That's why fossil fuel company Enbridge Gas’ sponsorship of the Winterlude festival is wrong. 

Enbridge is Canada’s largest "natural" or methane gas distribution company. Methane is a super potent greenhouse gas with up to 80 times the warming power of carbon dioxide over the next 20 years. Enbridge´s expansion of its fossil fuel infrastructure during a climate emergency is literally melting the snow and ice that Winterlude depends on.

The promotion and sponsorship of fossil fuels is not aligned with Ottawa’s 2019 Climate Emergency Declaration, Gatineau’s Plan Climat, and the Government of Canada’s commitments to move away from fossil fuels.

In 1984, Canada's health and sport minister dropped tobacco as a sponsor of sport events over health concerns. We call on Heritage Canada, the organizers of Winterlude, to do the same with fossil fuel sponsors which are similarly threatening public health, the planet, and the future of sports we love. Fossil fuel sponsorships allow polluters to purchase social licenses and distract from the negative impacts of their activities. It's time to kick the habit.

Winterlude is an example of all the wonderful things that Canadian winters and culture offer, and we want to protect North America’s largest snow playground for future generations. 

Tell Winterlude sponsors and elected officials that they need to drop Enbridge as a sponsor - use this one-click link.

For more information on banning fossil fuel advertising in Canada, visit


Author: The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.

Images from: Tony Caldwell; Derrick Simpson; Ben Andrews/CBC News

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