Q1 - Will you commit to fully funding and implementing the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Plan?

John Redins


Hussein Mahmoud

No. We need to ensure that essential services are on the rise and that taxes are not increasing alongside them. That requires we be fiscally responsible with our decision-making, but that we also apply a green lens to implementing public policy. The Energy Evolution is well on its path and can benefit from more support from council that balances the budgetary needs of today's economic environment with a focus on ensuring our city's projects already underway are receiving sufficient support.

Taylor Houstoun

Yes. The plan is sensible, wise, and mostly forward thinking. In fact, I think it could go further. Due to tight budgeting at the city level, it may not be possible for the next few years to properly fund the initiative. With inflation at 8%, it is pragmatic to say that it will take work to get to full funding when other programs will have significant shortfalls year-on-year.

However, the climate emergency is ultimately a priority and I will look at a pathway to ramp up to 100% funding over my term and perhaps even add in a few more policies. As you note, over time this saves us money, so it's finances well spent. As we come out of the pandemic funk, we can make it a priority.

Ron Keays

Yes. It is essential that we invest now into the new energy economy across all aspects of our city. 

Aria Alavi

Did not participate.

Jessica Bradley

Did not participate.

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