Q10 - In addition to improving recycling, will you support ambitiously collecting green bin waste in multi-residential buildings and curbside, ensuring Ottawa avoids replacing our landfill site with either a new landfill or an incinerator anytime soon?

John Redins


Hussein Mahmoud

Yes. Essential services need to be on the rise in Ottawa, while taxes need to be kept low. I think with smart fiscal planning, we can expand the availability of these services to all residents, including those in multi-residential buildings. I think we also need to go a step further to ensure we are educating residents on how to recycle and compost effectively - it will take a whole of community approach for us to make the most of these essential services.

Taylor Houstoun

Yes. Unfortunately this is another nuanced question. Part of the problem with recycling is that there are significant numbers of people who fail to recycle anything properly. This includes placing the wrong items in the wrong receptacles. This is why, despite having recyling options, many fast food chains don't actually recycle anything. By the end of the evening, even when garbage is not overflowing, the contents of different groups are so mixed together that it is infeasible to salvage. And this is done by consumers, not the corporation.

Yes, as the city we need to do better to put green tools in people's hands. Especially in densified buildings. And this will include building standards so that densified buildings are constructed with parallel waste management systems. Community awareness and outreach programs, including advertising, will also help people understand the difference.

Sadly, however, no matter how much we support this, it is nearly an axiom that people en-masse and under pressure to recycle when they don't care will spoil the batch. And recyclage and compost both have very specific tolerances for foreign material before the whole things is wasted and must go to landfill.

In the very long run, increasing our ability to sort material at its terminal destination would best solve this problem.

Ron Keays

Yes. Improved recycling and community engagement would certainly delay the need for new landfill. Looking forward though I support a waste to energy solution for waste management.

Aria Alavi

Did not participate.

Jessica Bradley

Did not participate.

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