Q7 - Will you commit to an active transit network with interconnected and protected bike lanes and multi-use paths City-wide (not just in the downtown core)?

John Redins


Hussein Mahmoud

No. We need to ensure we’re promoting a healthy lifestyle, using bikes, walking, and investing in more than just our downtown core for our communities. We have seniors who may not feel safe walking on streets that aren’t well maintained or safe for pedestrians. We have parents who hesitate to send their kids outside on bikes. We need to take this issue neighbourhood by neighbourhood to ensure we’re creating reimagined space in our communities that allow reliable transit options alongside safe roads. It’s also important to be fiscally responsible with our investments in this respect at a delicate economic time to ensure the long-term wellbeing of residents who will be affected.

Taylor Houstoun

Yes. I live in Greenboro, where a true 33% of our neighbourhood was dedicated to greenspace with an interconnected pathway system running in behind, and parallel, to the roadway system. I believe every neighbourhood in Ottawa should be built like this moving forward and will fight for that.

I also believe that as we resurface roads, we should expand them to make them safe for cyclists, while still maintaining shoulder space for cars. And wherever possible, I want cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles to have separate infrastructure (like in Greenboro) to keep each other safe.

I also fully imagine all of these systems being interconnected and feeding into one another as necessary. Separate does not mean they never interact, but rather that safety is prioritized, but ultimately the idea is that everyone can go anywhere and have an experience that, broadly speaking, supports their chosen transportation method in a safe way. We won't get there without bold plans to not just resurface roads, but to expand their function when we do. It will cost more upfront, but create safer, more walkable, neighbourhoods that everyone is comfortable moving through with their chosen method.

Ron Keays

Yes. Having a multipronged approach to transportation is a big part of my vision for the city.  Safety and accessibility means that drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and transit users all feel safe and serviced by the local infrastructure.  

Aria Alavi

Did not participate.

Jessica Bradley

Did not participate.

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