Q9 - Will you prioritize the conservation of existing greenspace, as well as biodiversity on both city and privately owned lands by amending the property standards by-law, as well as increasing targets for and allocating more funds towards naturalization?

John Redins


Hussein Mahmoud

Yes. Bioconservation is an important issue for our city - while supporting it requires investments, it's important to remember this issue is also about more than funding: it’s about ensuring there’s awareness and education on what species are endangered spread throughout the community so that all residents are acting together to preserve our biodiversity; it’s about working with schools and neighbourhood associations to encourage our community to work together and ensure there is literacy on this issue that is met with tangible actions as a community in day to day life.

Taylor Houstoun

Yes. Of course. As mentioned in an earlier reply, this is a great concern of mine. I don't want to lose precious species and growing-land. I think the city can also do much better to encourage the growth of these native plants within the city itself, particularly as part of the tree planting strategy.

Amending the property standards bylaw as well as increasing funding targets are entirely on the table and I support these proposals.

Ron Keays

Yes. Environmental impact reports are my first priority before any new development takes place.  I will oppose any projects that negatively impact our local biodiversity.

Aria Alavi

Did not participate.

Jessica Bradley

Did not participate.

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