Q14 - Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your ideas, goals or commitments to improving the City's performance on climate change and environmental issues?

Rawlson King

The City will need to work diligently to implement the City's Climate Change Master Plan in the next Term of Council and fight climate change though converting Ottawa’s entire public transit fleet of vehicles to “zero emission” by 2030 to complement emission reductions from the implementation of light rail. Achieving this will require the City to roll out 450 new 40- foot battery-powered buses over five years and transition to a fully zero emission bus fleet. Another area of focus must involve ensuring a “deep retrofit” of 27 percent of Ottawa’s building stock by 2030 and 98 percent of Ottawa’s building stock by 2040. Recent studies have found that improving energy efficiency in buildings is the least costly way to reduce a large quantity of carbon emissions. By changing energy management practices and instituting technologies that enhance energy efficiency, we can reduce energy consumption in the City by up to 35 per cent.

Peter Jan Karwacki

People have said there is a climate emergency. I have yet to see the kinds of initiatives that truly indicate we are in an emergency. 

In true emergencies people do different things and demonstrate different priorities.

Peter Zanette

I want to finish my term in a city that is better and safer environmentally then when I started.  An inclusive Ottawa, is a safe Ottawa, is a united Ottawa.

Clayton Fitzsimmons

Did not participate. 

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