Q14 - Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your ideas, goals or commitments to improving the City's performance on climate change and environmental issues?

Jeff Leiper

Yes. As a member of the Environment Committee in my first term of Council, I was successful in urging Council to adopt more rigorous targets, and those have since become even more so thanks to the work of colleagues. It is critical to be mindful that of the many paths we can pursue to reducing the existential risk of the climate crisis, two that are clearly and directly within the purview of municipalities and that will make the greatest difference are land-use planning and transportation. Where people live, work and play, and how they move between point A and point B will be the focus of two key pieces of work by the next Council: the comprehensive zoning by-law review and the Transportation Master Plan. It is my intention and commitment, if re-elected, to approach both these key undertakings with a climate lens first and foremost.

Oonagh Fitzgerald


Dan Stringer

Did not participate.


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