Q10 - In addition to improving recycling, will you support ambitiously collecting green bin waste in multi-residential buildings and curbside, ensuring Ottawa avoids replacing our landfill site with either a new landfill or an incinerator anytime soon?

Riley Brockington

Yes. I have been calling for this for at least 5 years, support what staff are currently doing and consistently told them this needs to progress faster. 

Ethan Sabourin

Yes. Solid waste contributes to 9% of Ottawa’s greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention the environmental destruction that a new landfill or incinerator would cause. If elected I would bring secure waste, recycling, and compost containers to all city parks, as well as to all multi-unit buildings and expand it to institutional uses like schools and restaurants.

I would also support small composting projects to get residents familiar with the land and connected to soil-building.

Alex Dugal 


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