Q3 - Will you commit to phasing out natural gas infrastructure and prioritize conservation and efficiency over new, renewed or expanded gas infrastructure?

Riley Brockington

Yes, where feasible.  

Ethan Sabourin

There are so many better options for running our city than relying on natural gas. If elected, I would work to eliminate natural gas in all new builds by the end of the next term. 

We should continue to electrify the city bus fleet, including with overhead wires on major corridors as well as eliminating polluting leaf blowers and two-stroke gas engines from city equipment.

We can look at some of the work done by HEET (the Home Energy Efficiency Team) in Massachusetts to develop new systems for delivering heat, rather than gas, through gas company infrastructure. Their GeoMicroGrids project allows electrification to happen without a massive confrontation with gas distribution companies (like Enbridge), who can pivot to delivering heat with shallow geothermal water systems connected to heat pumps https://heet.org/geogrid/

Alex Dugal 

No. I believe energy security is an important topic and needs to be further discussed. Canada has a fast supply of oil and gas reserves, I believe developing and utilizing these reserves responsibly is a great social and economic benefit to our country. I believe the government needs to do a better job incentive Tising oil companies do use some of their profits to explore more sustainable energy projects as well. If we look at the last 60 days, Newfoundland is now exploring new technology energy projects and may become a huge exporter of energy to Europe.

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