Q4 - Will you commit to investing in energy efficient housing for lower income communities, and ensuring that the costs of retrofits are not passed down to tenants?

Riley Brockington

Yes. OCH has done some work in this regard.  More tax credits to individual homeowners, tenants as well as landlords should be made available in greater quantities by both the Prov and Fed governments. 

Ethan Sabourin

Yes. 46% of Ottawa’s greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings. I want to develop a Green Economic Development Strategy for Ottawa, which would see the implementation of a program to retrofit all public buildings to make them more energy efficient, starting with Ottawa Community Housing. To accomplish this, we should provide public procurement incentives to cooperatives, unionized contractors, and businesses owned by OCH residents. 

By using procurement levers to build the retrofit industry, rather than just subsidies to homeowners, we can ensure that low-income residents are well served, with the goal of eliminating energy poverty as we decarbonize. 

Alex Dugal 


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