Q5 - Will you commit to prioritizing climate adaptation planning for the city, including measures to protect people, infrastructure and city services, and to ensure that the city's most vulnerable populations are supported during extreme climate events?

Riley Brockington

Yes. We are already witnessing extreme events in our own city, the time is now to ensure climate adaption planning is key in development planning decision making.  Protecting the public as well as property must remain a top priority.

Ethan Sabourin

Yes. Ottawa’s weather patterns are becoming more and more variable, especially with heavy rain events increasing in frequency and severity. 

Ottawa should partner with Conservation Authorities regulate land use and development in flood-prone areas and use stormwater and drainage plans to manage runoff. I would work to ensure that our building codes promote buildings, bridges and roads that can better withstand extreme weather events. 

This past May, many people went without power for over a week and were forced to go to friends, family or other alternative measures to eat, shower, work or maintain internet access. The city should provide central locations to provide these services to people left without power or shelter for extended periods of time after extreme climate events. Clear possibilities are schools, community centres, and public housing buildings. These should have solar panels, backup batteries, and high energy-efficiency standards so that they can serve as resiliency centres. 

Alex Dugal 


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