Q6 - Will you commit to building a public transit system that is rapid, reliable, affordable and accessible for all users, with proper transit routes within rural, suburban and lower income communities?

Riley Brockington

Yes. This is a key pillar of my campaign.  A reliable and affordable public transit system is key for a vibrant, healthy city, that moves people efficiently and effectively across the City.  We have work to and it isn't limited to just LRT and buses, Para Transpo must be part of the conversation.

Ethan Sabourin

Yes. Ottawa has the 4th highest transit fares in the country, but we don’t have the 4th best transit service. We need to reduce our transit fares, especially for low-income and youth residents, restore cuts and add new bus routes to make our system more reliable and easier to navigate. It’s time to restore bus routes cut by previous councils, commit to building the Baseline Bus Rapid Transit Corridor, bring weather protected bike parking to all stations on the Transitway and build out Phase 3 of the O-train. 

As a candidate I would commit to providing fare-free transit to youth under 18 and residents on Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program, reduce the cost of monthly passes, and cap fares at the cost of a monthly pass for all users.

Alex Dugal 

Yes. We need a reliable and cost-effective public transportation system in our city. Public transportation allows people to get from where they live to where they work and play. Public transportation opens the city up for business.

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