Q9 - Will you prioritize the conservation of existing greenspace, as well as biodiversity on both city and privately owned lands by amending the property standards by-law, as well as increasing targets for and allocating more funds towards naturalization?

Riley Brockington


Ethan Sabourin

Yes. I would ensure that proper funding is allocated to naturalization and the protection and addition of greenspace. Our greenspace, specifically things like Right-of-Way projects should focus on biodiversity, including the addition of more fruit and nut bearing plants, to prevent monocultures and invasive species. In new builds or renovations both private and public, the city should ensure the development includes the addition or preservation of greenspace.

I strongly agree with amending the property standards by-law and naturalizing public spaces including road infrastructure like medians.

Alex Dugal 

Yes. I believe this is an important topic at the city of Ottawa has a great opportunity to do right, if the city can work with private landowners to build a maintain not only the current green areas but also add more I believe when we look back on this in many years in the future it will be regarded with the same high regard as Central Park in New York City

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