Q14 - Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your ideas, goals or commitments to improving the City's performance on climate change and environmental issues?

Martha Carr (Marty)

We need to work to remove our invasive species from parks and greenspaces to restore biodiversity, improve natural tree canopy and potentially use some lands for urban agriculture. Urban agriculture has other benefits to the environment as well. 

Carolyn Kropp


Angelo Gino Scaffidi

Yes. As councillor I will be resolute in standing for the concerns of the majority and object to decision making processes that override issues and concerns of the constituent majority.

Decision making authorities must remain vigilant of any decisions that may lead to the inequitable treatment of our taxpayers.

Elected officials must ensure that decisions are exercised with equitable proportionality, absent of favour to any one group of citizens and disadvantaging others.

Bob Perkins

Did not participate. 

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