Q2 - Will you commit to no more extensions of the urban boundary, and support building more 15-minute neighborhoods throughout the City of Ottawa, not just in the urban core?

Catherine Kitts

Yes. We need to build communities where you don’t need to take your car for every errand. You can walk, cycle, jump on a bike or an efficient transit route to get where you need to go and that would allow us to intensify within our current urban boundary. Unfortunately the majority of Orléans South-Navan has not been developed in this way, and moving forward on the Cumberland Transitway is essential to the healthy growth of my community.  

Yvette Ashiri

Yes. I was disappointed in the outcome of the vote that passed to extend the urban boundary. I am very much in favour of further exploring and developing the 15 minute neighbourhood. It is an eco-friendly and more socially equitable way of designing our cities.  

Shamsa Sheikh Ahmed

Did not participate.

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