Q4 - Will you commit to investing in energy efficient housing for lower income communities, and ensuring that the costs of retrofits are not passed down to tenants?

Catherine Kitts

Yes. I voted in favour of the City developing High-Performance Development Standards that will support sustainable and resilient design in new developments. It seeks to apply minimum performance measures to new development through the review and approval of site plan and plan of subdivision applications. It includes metrics that will protect our environment, public health and safety, and respond to climate change. 

Yvette Ashiri

Yes. Absolutely! As a city we need affordable housing, but we also need it to be safe, reliable, and smart. As people are already struggling to get by, it should not be on the tenants to ensure their homes are energy efficient; that should be a given. I am very much in favour of making sure all current city operated buildings and all apartment buildings are retrofitted to be more environmentally friendly. 

Shamsa Sheikh Ahmed

Did not participate.

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