Q5 - Will you commit to prioritizing climate adaptation planning for the city, including measures to protect people, infrastructure and city services, and to ensure that the city's most vulnerable populations are supported during extreme climate events?

Catherine Kitts

Yes. Absolutely. I think we saw the devastating impacts of climate change with the May 21 storm that leveled my rural communities, and while other levels of government have let us down in response, I felt extremely supported by the City during this catastrophic event. However, every time we experience a disaster of this nature, we learn a lot about how we can better respond in the future. It will be critical to review past responses and plan ahead to improve.  

Yvette Ashiri

Yes. Of course! As we saw with the May storm, we need to ensure that buildings and people in them are safe. But prevention is most important, the reason we see unpredictable weather is because of climate change. As the capital of a G7 country, we should be leader in implementing climate change solutions. It is a must to ensure the safety of our neighbours in extreme weather conditions as well as prevent them by helping the environment as much as possible. 

Shamsa Sheikh Ahmed

Did not participate.

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