Q6 - Will you commit to building a public transit system that is rapid, reliable, affordable and accessible for all users, with proper transit routes within rural, suburban and lower income communities?

Catherine Kitts

Yes. Absolutely. One of my largest priorities is moving forward with enhanced public transit in Orléans South-Navan. East end residents want reliable transit options, but the stalemate with the NCC over the Brian Coburn extension / Cumberland Transitway have forced my community to grow in an unhealthy, car-dependent way. If we want to continue to develop in this area, the time is now to address this issue so that we can build sustainable, 15-minute communities in Orléans South.  

Yvette Ashiri

Yes. Transit is at the forefront of my platform for these reasons. No one in Ottawa should be stressed due to our transit system. It should be affordable, accessible, and reliable. The fact that it's not is a major issue. There was a lot of corruption and misteps regarding the LRT contracts and we need to have a government that will be transparent with tax payers and make decisions in the best interest of Ottawans. We need to hold our current city council accountable for how bad our transit has gotten and ensure that people who value transit and transparency are in government. 

Shamsa Sheikh Ahmed

Did not participate.

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