Q8 - Will you support our target for a 40% tree canopy cover per neighborhood and protection of mature trees through the new Tree Protection By-Law?

Catherine Kitts

Yes. I was in support of this By-Law and its implementation. I have been very clear since being elected in 2020 that I would work in the best interest of residents, and a great example is Nantes Woods in my community. It was an urban forest in Avalon, slated for development, I was told it’s a done deal and when I got elected I looked for a creative solution. I worked closely with the community association, with City staff and the developer to achieve a land swap so that Regional Group could build in a location that made more sense given the infrastructure requirements for the intensification being proposed. This allowed for us to save a precious urban forest and ensure continued greenspace for the community.  

Yvette Ashiri

Yes. Part of my climate action plan is to ensure more trees are planted every year and are properly taken care of. 

Shamsa Sheikh Ahmed

Did not participate.

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