Q2 - Will you commit to no more extensions of the urban boundary, and support building more 15-minute neighborhoods throughout the City of Ottawa, not just in the urban core?

Salah Elsaadi

Yes. To achieve this, we must focus on smart growth and development. The City of Ottawa in rapidly growing and this raised the need to the effective use of land, buildings, transportation and renewable energy.

Em McLellan

Yes. I like the notion of the 15 minute walkable neighborhoods. People are meant for community and the way we have structured the house building developments, just leads to urban sprawl. This is not conducive to a human's mental wellbeing. The suburbs are just becoming more and more like sprawl. One community is as generic as the other. The 15 minute walkable neighborhood allows for people to feel connected to their neighbour.

Steve Desroches

Did not participate.

Zainab Alsalihiy

Did not participate.

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