Q6 - Will you commit to building a public transit system that is rapid, reliable, affordable and accessible for all users, with proper transit routes within rural, suburban and lower income communities?

Salah Elsaadi

Yes. My commitments include investments in infrastructure and public transit. We need to correct the problems of LRT, work on improved scheduling and making public transit more reliable affordable and accessible.

Em McLellan

Yes. Part of the problem is the culture at OC Transpo. We have to hold them accountable as it stands right now, the culture at OC is one of apathy .The executives get their yearly bonuses whether the bus comes on time or not. This cavalier approach comes from management their attitude is millionaires do not take the bus, it's really only the everyday people. Unless you change the culture and demand that the executives and the city councilor's start taking the bus. The culture towards mass transit will never change. 

Steve Desroches

Did not participate.

Zainab Alsalihiy

Did not participate.

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