Q14 - Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your ideas, goals or commitments to improving the City's performance on climate change and environmental issues?

Bina Shah

We require immediate action in our City.  We cannot continue doing things as we have in the past.  We are capable of solving problems and working together to do what is right for our future generations.  To do this, we need and require a commitment from our City’s leadership to carry out short-, mid- and long-term investment in our communities and for our residents.  

Rouba Fattal

Ottawa has done a good job retrofitting its buildings to make them more energy efficient. I have three priorities I wish to bring with me to council that I believe will help bring us closer to carbon neutrality. 

Erin Coffin

I appreciate the work Ecology Ottawa does for our city. 

Mike Dawson

Global change often begins when people act locally.   I will encourage residents, businesses and the community to become leaders in the fight against climate change !  Thank you for all that you do ! 

Allan Hubley

Did not participate

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