Q8 - Will you support our target for a 40% tree canopy cover per neighborhood and protection of mature trees through the new Tree Protection By-Law?

Bina Shah

Yes. I am in support of a 40% tree canopy cover per neighbourhood and the protection of mature trees through the new Tree Protection By-Law.  With the May derecho, many mature trees were destroyed in Kanata South and a number of trees in the Hazeldean Woods were also lost.  We need to ensure areas like this are restored first with native species and also encourage residents to replace their trees with a variety of native species that are appropriate for residential areas.

Rouba Fattal

Yes. I believe there is great opportunity to incorporate root cells into future road/side walk repairs as well. Root cells allow for tree roots to grow under roads and sidewalks, and will help prolong tree life. 

Erin Coffin

Yes. In essence, yes. Too many trees are being torn down for no reason, but we also need to allow for some justified reasons by property owners. 

Mike Dawson

Yes In KanataSouth, Katimavik-Hazledean Woods needs our immediate help  

Allan Hubley

Did not participate

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