Q1 - Will you commit to fully funding and implementing the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Plan?

Guy Boone

Yes. Agree in principal, but need to understand more of the "Energy Evolution" program details.

Pat Brennan

Yes. Energy transition must be done in an orderly way. There needs to be commitment from all levels of government in funding initiatives.

Kathleen Caught

Yes. It's a costly approach. In theory yes but for example there is barely any wind in Ottawa compared to places like NB where they are constantly in motion.  There is differing views on type of alternative energy some say nuclear is good others say it is on a fault line at Chalk River and the Indigenous community has not approved it. Has this been given to the indigenous communities for their input ? Please as long as no windmills are a part of this. 

Richard Garrick

Yes. I would support the funding of this initiative as I believe that this is an important strategy, however we must also consider that our community has seen major changes since 2020 with the pandemic and rising cost of living. As a city we must balance our focus to meet the needs of residents as well as looking to ensure net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

Wilson Lo

No. We have to move towards renewable energy, but it has to be done responsibly without shocking people's wallets. This is not a yes-or-no question for me, I think it's item-by-item within the plan. So yes in principle with a big asterisk?

Atiq Qureshi

No. I will keep the Hybrid Approach, until I will fully agree with the cost analysis which I do not have at this time. Cost Accounting is my subject, I will not run blindly to any subject until thoroughly evaluate it.  

Dominik Janelle

Did not participate. 

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