Q11 - Will you support the introduction of a user pay system for curbside residual waste collection, where residents pay for the bags or containers that they put out for collection, according to the actual level of service that they use?

Guy Boone

Yes. More consultation is needed before introduction of a User Pay model.

Pat Brennan

No. Residents pay property taxes so I don't support an additional user pay system.

Kathleen Caught

Yes. As well consider user pay for commercial use of our infrastructure 

Richard Garrick

No. I don't believe I would support this.  Our residents are already feeling the impacts of higher costs of of living and adding this cost would be too much for some.  At a time when it is getting harder to buy groceries we can't expect our residents to start paying for their garbage removal as well. Instead we need to work with our residents to inform them of the situation at our landfill and the impact of their waste.  More education needs to be done to explain what can be recycled as there may be items that are being thrown out when they could be recycled. I would also like to work in our communities to come up with ways to recycle and donate many of these larger items that go into the landfill. Why not work with community partners like thrift stores, non-profits and other companies to allow our residents to donate items easier. 

Wilson Lo

No. I think it's a bad idea. Residents who don't want to pay might move their bags to an abiding neighbour's or resort to illegal dumping or use our park bins. Rather than charge, we can improve the recycling and compost programmes to nudge people in a better direction.

Atiq Qureshi


Dominik Janelle

Did not participate. 

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