Q14 - Is there anything else you would like to share regarding your ideas, goals or commitments to improving the City's performance on climate change and environmental issues?

Guy Boone

Sustainability has everything to do with being a resistant City & having Smart Infrastructure.

Pat Brennan

I support ideas, goals and commitments on climate change/environmental issues as long  as the actions are effective.

Kathleen Caught

To assist with people pairing down from 3 cars to 1 car or less setting up communauto or similar services within our community is an objective as is reinstating neighborhood watch to bring community together on many issues. All season greenhouses for public housing, retirement homes and schools to produce fresh vegetables and to encourage entrepreneurial activity to sell to grocery store and or give to foodbanks. Let's take it up as a way to work on solutions. Look at StrongTowns movement to gain insights to working as a community that is not about accomodation of traffic but one that sustains human life. Bring neighborhood watch program into affect to bring community back together for safety for collaborating and for building Trust across cultures and ages and for better neighborhood representation at city level. Our young people are at present to busy to volunteer but at this level they could. Use teletranspo model to book a seat on transit to avoid empty buses or cancelled buses. Good things happen when we work together.

Richard Garrick


Wilson Lo


Atiq Qureshi

I will definitely look into the previous council decision about dumping atomic waste by chalk river. Graduated with Physics, know very well what will come to us in future. 

Dominik Janelle

Did not participate. 

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