Q3 - Will you commit to phasing out natural gas infrastructure and prioritize conservation and efficiency over new, renewed or expanded gas infrastructure?

Guy Boone

No. Although we encourage the development of Greener Energy, we will need to rely on Natural Gas for some time.  We can not cut our Natural Gas source until other Green Energy is available.

Pat Brennan

No. We will need natural gas to heat and cool our homes because of our climate. Until we find an alternative natural gas is necessary.

Kathleen Caught

Yes. But I don't believe this is a municipal issue to decide.

Richard Garrick

Yes. When the OEB denied this pipeline it was done so due to the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Plan. We need to always work to ensure that our infrastructure projects are efficient and conserve to meet the goals that the city has set.

Wilson Lo

No. More of an in-between. Failing to replace aging non-renewable infrastructure can cause more environmental harm, but agree with the need to move to renewable.

Atiq Qureshi


Dominik Janelle

Did not participate. 

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