Q4 - Will you commit to investing in energy efficient housing for lower income communities, and ensuring that the costs of retrofits are not passed down to tenants?

Guy Boone

No. This is a challenge, and requires a balanced approach.

Pat Brennan

Yes. My preference is to provide incentives(tax credits) to owners of buildings to do retrofits to improve efficiency and minimize the burden on tenants. 

Kathleen Caught

Yes. There will soon be an energy audit available on Ottawa and this could be a way to have landlords commit as well. I believe we have to bring landlords into alignment with this thinking they must be accountable for their investments and maintained to our standards.

Richard Garrick

Yes. I believe we need to work with our community to ensure that our older homes and residences are able to be as energy efficient as possible. This is an opportunity to work with all levels of government to secure funding and incentivize current building owners and their tenants to retrofit and modernize their aging buildings. Working with our federal and provincial partners, we should look to offer things like rebate programs for energy efficient upgrades. These programs exist but can be expanded on and more information needs to be shared with our residents to ensure they know how to access the current programs.

Wilson Lo

No. Solar panels and small wind turbines on rooftops are a great start. Retrofits should happen when major renovations are scheduled.

Atiq Qureshi


Dominik Janelle

Did not participate. 

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