Q7 - Will you commit to an active transit network with interconnected and protected bike lanes and multi-use paths City-wide (not just in the downtown core)?

Guy Boone


Pat Brennan

Yes. Restoring confidence in transit is critical. There will be more users when this occurs which will reduce vehicle traffic. Right now many people have gone back to driving their vehicles because of their frustration(unreliable) with LRT and OC Transpo. This trend needs to be reversed. The utilization of bike paths in the winter months can be challenging for cyclists.

Kathleen Caught

Yes. In order to create 15 minute neighborhood this is important. We have created stroads not streets and roads which have reduced the wealth within communities and created problems like stunt driving. 

Richard Garrick

No. The way this question was worded, I had to say no. When the question says “city-wide” this is something that would be great to see but would not always be feasible. Interconnected protected bike lanes may not always be possible in rural and suburban areas. Ottawa is a large city and our residents from the very ends from Vernon to Cumberland to Dunrobin would not have the infrastructure for protected bike lanes. That being said we need to ensure our cyclists are as safe as possible when they choose to ride, city wide.  Where possible and where the need exists, we should always look for ways to achieve this goal.

Wilson Lo

Yes, but it has to be done in a reasonable timeframe. There are labour, material, equipment, and disruptions to people's lives to consider. Preferably, these should be done as road renewals happen where possible.

Atiq Qureshi

Yes. I pitched elevated bike lanes last time when I ran for Ward3. I will keep that for all new communities or roads coming up in future

Dominik Janelle

Did not participate. 

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