Q1 - Will you commit to fully funding and implementing the City of Ottawa’s Energy Evolution Plan?

Cathy Curry

I am supportive of this plan. However, it has to be in coordination with other important groups that have considerable knowledge. I don't want to see us go down a road that seems great and is actually harmful and without benefit...despite good intentions.

Christine Moulaison

At this time I’m fully on board with funding this initiative. However, I’m also acutely aware that situations and circumstances can change very quickly. Seeing how the pandemic shifted our city, country, and the world as a whole, I know that priorities can change rapidly at times. This does not mean that I am not fully invested in a greener, cleaner future for everyone. I have four children and I want to leave our city a better one for them and their families. 

Viorel Copil

Did not participate

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