Q5 - Will you commit to prioritizing climate adaptation planning for the city, including measures to protect people, infrastructure and city services, and to ensure that the city's most vulnerable populations are supported during extreme climate events?

Cathy Curry

This will be more and more necessary. All people in the City are vulnerable. Initiatives to protect all populations need to be properly supported and funded.

Christine Moulaison

We see storms in our city and around the world intensifying, and becoming more frequent. To ignore these signs is extremely short sighted and dangerous to all our residents. We need to make changes. We need ensure our city, especially our most vulnerable residents, are not only protected but proactively prepared in advance for these events.  There are so many options and ways to do this that wouldn’t overwhelm the budget, but would ensure preparedness and better safety for everyone.

Viorel Copil

Did not participate

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