Q2 - Will you commit to no more extensions of the urban boundary, and support building more 15-minute neighborhoods throughout the City of Ottawa, not just in the urban core?

Stephanie Maghnam

Yes. West Carleton - March has growth coming to the edge of our rural area. We have to maintain our rural lifestyle - our rural identity. 
We want to conserve our green space and agricultural land - that's where our food is coming from. At the same time, we need growth. We need to build homes so people can live in.

At the same time let's find that balance, and that's called good planning - instead of sprawl.
Because if we have good planning that means we have schools, that means we have fire halls, that means we have bus service, that means we have commercial services.

So that means we are being served well and we are building up a community - not just spreading houses.

Ian Madill

Yes. I think moving forward in planning this is a concept that needs to be tested and implemented if the city is to reduce its emissions.

Nagmani Sharma


Clarke Kelly

Did not participate

Greg Patacairk

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Colin Driscoll

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Sasha Duguay

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