Q3 - Will you commit to phasing out natural gas infrastructure and prioritize conservation and efficiency over new, renewed or expanded gas infrastructure?

Stephanie Maghnam

Yes. In Rural areas in West Carleton - March, many homes still are in need of affordable energy solutions. Natural gas is not available in many rural areas, leaving residents with the burden of high energy costs. I do not believe most rural areas are prepared for this transition as rural residents still lack basic services like high-speed internet and affordable energy solutions.

Certainly moving forward, prioritizing conservation and efficiency over renewed or expanded gas infrastructure is ideal where residents and businesses have more options rather than the limits currently in rural areas, where basic services are limited. I believe more community consultation is needed to advance the Energy Evolution Plan.

Ian Madill

Yes. I believe any move in the direction of reducing our emission footprint is in consideration.  My opposition will be to the cost and availability of other energy sources to the tax payers.  Along with the labor force to make these switches.  The idea of removing Natural Gas use from our daily lives is noble, the reality of the other factors to perform it is what i see as the real issue.  I do not believe there are many individuals that if the switch could be done easily would walk away from the ability to help the environment, the hesitation will ultimately lie with the cost to do so for many residents.

Nagmani Sharma


Clarke Kelly

Did not participate

Greg Patacairk

Did not participate

Colin Driscoll

Did not participate

Sasha Duguay

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