Q11 - Will you support the introduction of a user pay system for curbside residual waste collection, where residents pay for the bags or containers that they put out for collection, according to the actual level of service that they use?

Glen Gower

No. To be determined. Use-pay is one option that has worked well in other municipalities, but may not be the only effective option available.

Mathew Duchesne

No. I don’t believe in taxing residents anymore than they already are. I’m against anymore forms of taxation that is not absolutely necessary for the functioning of government and services provided to residents. 

Kevin Hua

Yes. This seems like a good way to discourage and reduce the negative externality of residual waste that goes to the landfill but only if it is paired with providing residents with convenient and easy options, methods, and alternatives to reduce and divert their waste like improving and expanding recycling and composting collection like in the previous above question (Question 10).

Tanya Hein

Did not participate. 

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