Q12 - If elected, would you intentionally include, and work in partnership with, the Algonquin Anishinaabe people and other Indigenous people in the creation and implementation of environmental policies?

Glen Gower


Mathew Duchesne

Yes. I’d have to study this further. I would support partnerships but I want to ensure existing residents off all backgrounds and origins are respected equally. There is no residents that take priority over others in this city, we should all be treated equally.

Kevin Hua

Yes. The inclusion, elevation, and empowerment of Indigenous voices and input in the city's decision and policy making process are important to striving for reconciliation but to also include the traditional knowledge of Indigenous people in protecting and preserving the land and ensuring our strategies and approaches respect, protect, and are conscious to Indigenous rights, culture, and identity.

Tanya Hein

Did not participate. 

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